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For nearly 20 years, Michael Goodman and his firm have been a respected member of the community in Rockwall. From their office on Ridge Road, right in the heart of Rockwall, The Goodman Law Firm has protected the rights of thousands of local clients. Building personal relationships has always been the cornerstone of what enables the Goodman Law Firm to be such a proactive advocate for it’s client.

17+ Years Experience
300+ Trials
4000+ Cases

Rockwall Family Law & Criminal Defense Lawyer

Focusing on building long-term personal relationships with our clients while serving them with the highest levels of honesty and integrity is our top priority.

Anyone can tell a client what he or she wants to hear. We strive to give our clients a realistic analysis of their case so that they can make better, informed decisions about how to proceed.

Practice Areas
Family Law Practice Areas
  • DivorceDivorce Divorce is considered to be the second most stressful event in a persons life. Let us guide you through this process to make your divorce smooth and easy.Read More
  • Child SupportChild SupportIf you are a custodial parent, obtaining child support is essential to the well-being of your child. To determine how your support may be processed, contact The Goodman Law Firm right awayRead More
  • AnnulmentAnnulmentThe grounds for annulment are very specific, and to determine your eligibility to file, you need to first work with a family law attorney from The Goodman Law FirmRead More
  • Child CustodyChild CustodyDivorce and separation are never easy to go through, and even the most civilized divorces can quickly turn into heated battles when child custody is being determined.Read More
Client Testimonials
"I am a local pastor, and we have urged some of our parishioners to use Michael’s services. Michael is not only a good lawyer, he’s committed to the community and has a generous heart. I would not hesitate to recommend him."
"I picked the BEST attorney for sure. You were fair, kind, respectful and just a all around good man. I couldn’t have been more pleased." Pat W.
"This was my first experience with court/lawyers/law suits and Mr. Goodman really made everything easy for me! He answered all my questions in a professional and timely manner! I would recommend him to everyone!" C. Morrison
"Mr. Goodman is my go-to attorney for Texas law. As an attorney myself, I frequently represent litigants with interests in both Texas and California. Mr. Goodman’s advice has always been spot-on and saved my clients thousands of dollars." Pat H.
Practice Areas
Criminal Law Practice Areas
  • AssaultAssault Assault charges may have you facing jail or prison time, fines, restitution, and life as a convicted offender.Read More
  • Domestic ViolenceDomestic ViolenceAccusations of family violence frequently occur within divorce cases. Let us protect you from these charges and focus on more important matters,Read More
  • Drug PossessionDrug PossessionDrug possession convictions can haunt you for a long time. They can impact your ability to gain employment, credit, and even housing.Read More
  • Probation ViolationProbation ViolationBy failing the terms of your supervision, you can face increased penalties of the original offense. Let us keep any negative consequences to a minimum.Read More
  • Theft CrimesTheft Crimes Theft crimes are serious offenses that could greatly alter the course of your life. Don’t let it become a bigger issue than it has to be, call The Goodman Law Firm.Read More
  • DWIDWIDWI has a large punishment range; make sure you get the best possible outcome by hiring an experienced DWI attorney.Read More
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Family Law and ChildrenFamily Law and ChildrenIf you are are going through a divorce with children present or if you are considering a divorce and have children, it is important to have an experienced Family Law Attorney that understands the law and the needs of your family. Read More
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